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Peregrine Reedpen, an alias for Charles Fitz Adderley, wrote a book about Bishop's Waltham in 1834. Entitled "Our Town", it takes a satirical look at the residents and it makes an entertaining read. Jessica Woodley-Stewart, a student at Southampton University has made a short walk around the town to enjoy the gossip Peregrine has shared...
This fascinating online exhibition about the Crown Inn in the Square at Bishop's Waltham was put together by Hayley McLaren, another student from  Southampton University. It highlights the many, many roles of a pub in the life of a town.

Malt Lane Development Site Gallery!

Hoardings have gone up around the Malt Lane development site in the centre of Bishop's Waltham and are going to be up there for a while. BW Museum, Society, Parish Council and Town Team all helped fund a series of posters on the hoarding telling the story of Early Waltham. The posters were written by Tony Kippenberger and illustrated by Chris Beardshaw, with Penny Copeland giving specialist advice. The poster gallery was opened by Alan Lovell, Chair of the Hampshire Cultural Trust, introduced by the Deputy Mayor of Winchester Russel Gordon Smith, with Judy Marsh and Tony Kippenberger.

Click on the poster for the full exhibition...

Yuchun, another student from the Archaeology Course at Southampton University, made this exhibition in 2023 to celebrate BW residents' ability to celebrate! It incorporates photos from our archive and the 2020Vision Community Project.

In 2021 we teamed up with the Archaeology department at Southampton to offer work experience to students for the first time. Due to Covid, the students could not spend much time in the museum so we set them other tasks! 

Gaby produced this excellent online exhibition for us (click to access), and Shannon's work is helping us to make our collections more accessible to all...

In 2020, when we couldn't open because of the Coronavirus, and so we made an online exhibition, together with two information booklets produced by Bishop's Waltham Society. Click on items below open up the exhibition and the booklets
VE Day Virtual Exhibition Final.jpg
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